Paradizoo Theme Farm: More than a zoo, less than a paradise

Just two hours away from the busy streets of Manila lies a place where humans can interact with different farm animals, drink fresh goat milk, and walk in the middle of a beautiful garden filled with gorgeous flowers and butterflies. Paired with perfect summer sun and Tagaytay breeze, Paradizoo Theme farm is a place to reunite with nature and reconnect with that child in you.

Upon entering Paradizoo, we were greeted by their friendly staff who gave us a short introduction of what we’re about to experience inside the theme zoo. After paying the entrance fee of P299 each, we immediately began to explore the 7 hectares zoo and enjoyed different activities that made our tour really unforgettable.

First stop was the bird feeding station. It’s just crazy when the birds started flocking around us and crazily pecked on tiny seeds on our palm. I really love their shiny feathers and their tiny chirping voice but the sad part is, when you don’t have any seed on your palm anymore, they will start to ignore you and they’ll continue with their busy bird life. LOL. They’re just so cute!

Not too far from the bird’s cage was the home of the rabbits! We were given a basket of Pechay for the rabbits and as if expecting to be fed, they gathered around us and waited for a bunch of pechays to munch on. One of the cute little fella was very aggressive that he even chased the other rabbits to get as much food as he wants!

We walked some more and saw Camel, Horses, and deers. There were different trivia about the animals scattered in different parts of the zoo. Read those and memorize at least one so you can share it with your friends when you’re back from the jungle.


When we set foot to the territory of the Goats, they all started to “Meeeeh!” in their own unique way. Some goats “Meeeeh!” in a low tone voice, some like shrieked in a high pitch tone and others “Meeeeh!” while posing their beautiful goatee.

Another friendly staff taught us how to milk a goat and my brave partner tried his luck to do the same. We also bought an ice cold goat’s milk to quench our thirst and mind you, it definitely tasted much better than other fresh milk.

On the other side of the zoo is a vegetable garden where you can find different veggies mentioned in Bahay Kubo. Some of the produce from this garden can be sold in their mini market, along with different souvenirs from Paradizoo.

We spent almost an hour of our stay in Paradizoo inside the Butterfly and Bee Garden, and that experience deserves another post. If you’re interested about butterflies read my experience here and maybe you can share yours too!

It’s almost sunset when we finished our tour. And even before we step out of that paradise I immediately made a mental note to bring my nieces and nephews and the whole family at Paradizoo Theme Zoo next time for a day of awesome adventure!

If you feel like doing something cool and educational this summer, drop by Paradizoo Theme Zoo and be a haciendero for a day! It’s definitely another reason to love Tagaytay!

Live an awesome life!


Paradizoo Theme Farm
Panungyan Rd, Mendez, Pilipinas
899-9824; 899-9595 or 0917-8351111

Entrance fee as of April 2012 P299 per head (Adult) 


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  1. raindeocampo

    aside from the zoo and the butterfly garden, may other activities pa ba inside.. can we bring food inside and go on a picnic or swim somewhere? 🙂 San po s’ya located? Parang nadaanan ko na kasi kaso di ko matandaan e. 🙂

    • Pwede po magpicnic! hehe. We asked the staff if we can eat inside and she told me that we can, if snacks lang, but if we’d like eat meals there’s a table charge. I forgot to ask the rate but I believe it’s minimal.

      It’s in Mendez, Tagaytay. From Olivarez, you can ride jeepneys going to Mendez and tell the driver to drop you off near Paradizoo, after the Mendez Market ata yun. Then you can ride a tricycle to Paradizoo Theme Farm. 20-30 minutes ata sya away from Olivarez. Medyo malayo pero sulit naman. 😛

      I hope you can bring your family here, the kids can ride horses din. hehe. It’s a fun place for the whole family!

  2. how about from imus? kc wer planning to visit there on nov. 30 kc bday ng son ko.. or my contacts ba sa msmong theme park usually kc sa makati ung nakikita kong contacts..thanks

  3. Also, just recently had a family day there as well. Hope you don’t mind me sharing:

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