Beat the Heat with Kingkong’s Revenge!

It’s a beautiful Sunday once again! And tonight was made even more wonderful because I’ve got to watch the Avengers with the guys. We really had a good laugh while watching The Hulk  smash Loki like a boss and I couldn’t help but smile at the witty dialogues thrown throughout the movie. But what’s the best thing to do after watching a 142 minutes of fantastic action movie? Eat a fabulous dinner. Definitely. So after giving it much thought, our hungry tummy lead us to Icebergs in Mall of Asia Seaside for some quick dinner and ICE CREAM! 😀

I’ve been to Icebergs a couple of times before but it’s my first time to try their other dishes tonight. And because we’d like to have a light dinner, we ordered three of their pasta dishes. Cheesy Beef Lasagna for boyfriend, Baked Penne for big brother and Hungarian Sausage and Mushroom Carbonara for me! Although Icebergs is known for their different ice cream treat, I must say their other dishes are awesome too!

My carbonara came fresh from the oven, 15 minutes after we put our order. Their carbonara is really creamy and thick and it is perfect when paired with the garlic bread. My brother commented though, that once the carbonara turned cold, it became blunt and unpleasant to taste. The hungarian sausage and the mushroom made up for the little lapses though, so I ended up enjoying my food nonetheless.

The Cheesy beef lasagna is just okay. Nothing much to say. I’m not sure if it tastes much better than Greenwich lasagna but at least Icebergs’ cheesy beef lasagna comes in bigger serving.



The Baked Penne has that salty taste according to my brother. But one thing interesting in their baked Penne is the Feta cheese – a cheese made from sheep or goat’s milk that that has a little sweet and sour taste. It gave a delicious twist to the Baked Penne and made it even tastier.


After a satisfying meal came the star of the night – Kingkong’s Revenge! It’s 5 scoops of different flavors of ice cream, mixed with fruits like pineapple and banana, topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips and chunks of brownies! Yuuummmmy!

If you’re looking for something cold and delicious to share with the whole family, Icebergs and Kingkong’s Revenge is sure to please. Thanks for the awesome treat! Can’t wait for another foodtrip with the family next weekend! 🙂

Come on! Indulge! 🙂

Icebergs Mall of Asia By the Bay
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  1. i think i will try the dessert soon.

    • yeah, their deserts are perfect after a hearty meal. Their Kingkong is good for sharing up to 4 persons. It’s really the best thing I love about Icebergs. 🙂

  2. We always order King Kong! 🙂 But haven’t tried the dishes yet. 🙂

    • Kingkong is a run away favorite, but you should also try their dishes too, especially the pasta. Nothing spectacular but decent enough to enjoy before devouring King Kong. haha. 😛

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