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Need a Boost? Grab a cup of Jamba Juice!

It was a gloomy Friday and it didn’t stop raining the whole day. Everything seemed cold that the next best thing to do was to sleep. I was even thinking of staying at home the whole day but something on my Facebook news feed changed my mind! Lol! I just won a gift certificate of Jamba Juice fr0m my friend’s blog giveaway! Yeeppeee! 😛

A Canada-based company, Jamba Juice finally arrived in the Philippines a few months ago offering the freshest smoothies in three of their branches in Mall of Asia, Alabang Town Center and Bonifacio High Street. Jamba Juice Philippies even partnered with the Bureau of Plant Industry and Guimaras National Mango Research and Development Center (BPI-GNMRDC) to support the local industry of Mango farmers in Guimaras. So if you are wondering what makes Jamba Juice Mango smoothies more delicious than other brands, it’s only because they use the freshest and probably the best Mangoes in the world!

After meeting with Miss Cha Sy of Travel on a Shoestring to claim my prize, I immediately asked my best friend to have a quick date with me at the Mall of Asia. They say that the best things in life are free but some things become much better when you can share it with your friend. The gift certificate gave us 16 oz cup of any two variant of their Four Featured Mango Smoothies. My best friend chose Peach Perfection and I had Mega Mango. The other available variant were Mango-a-go-go and Five Fruit Frenzy.


I know that the weather is not really fit for smoothies or anything cold but having a sip of Jamba Juice really gave us a one of a kind refreshment. The Mega Mango flavor is a perfect blend of Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Strawberries and Mango. It’s definitely something that will perk up your day because of its fruity flavor. The Peach Perfection Flavor is a mix of Peaches, Mangoes, Strawberries and Apple-Strawberry Juice. My friend Cariss loved the sweetness of the peach flavor and savored the refreshing twist of mangoes and peaches.

The service crews who prepared our orders were friendly and courteous. The cashier was even helpful in explaining what’s on their menu but their place in Mall of Asia was so small for diners that we had to sit on a nearby bench instead. Their branch in Bonifacio High Street is bigger with a lot of seats inside and outside of their store. I guess it’s much better if they will also have that in MOA to make room for those people who want to try this latest craze. 😛

So if you’re somewhere near Mall of Asia, High Street or Alabang Town Center and you’re looking for something to boost your energy, why not try this healthy and fresh smoothies from Jamba Juice. It’s definitely a great drink after a big meal or a serious work out.


Live Fruitfully! 🙂



MAFBEX 2012: Back to Basics

Lady Luck must be on my side last Saturday and decided to let me win free tickets to attend the 6th Manila Food and Beverage Expo! Miss Cha Sy of Travel on a Shoestring gave her 10 lucky readers 2 tickets each for the biggest and most awaited food show of the year! The universe conspired and made me one of her lucky winners for that giveaway.

After getting my confirmation email, my partner and I went to the World Trade Center around 4pm. The venue was almost full with people enjoying over 500 booths which showcased different food and beverage from our country and different nearby nations. With this year’s theme, “Back to basics”, the event gave the expo-goers a whole lot experience of organic food and healthier choices which are now gaining popularity in the market.

Near the entrance was the Chefs of the World, a  program showing different chefs who gave away tips and techniques on how to turn your ordinary food to gourmet dishes. Moms and other aspiring chefs grabbed the opportunity to learn from this program.

Consumers and food entrepreneurs surely had a great time buying and seeing the latest cooking and packing equipment displayed at the expo. There were different food packing equipment and bottling machines and according to the sales clerk, those were proudly made in the Philippines.

Various food stalls in the area offered free taste of their products and we really had fun filling our tummy with these goodies. The first thing we bought was a Tea Egg. It is a chicken egg stewed in tea, soy sauce and spices. It’s a typical Chinese food often sold by street vendors but it’s my first time to see and eat a Tea Egg here in our country.

We also bought Mekeni’s Chicken hotdog for only P10 and a Taiwanese sausage for P30 each. The Taiwanese sausage may be a lot pricier but it sure tasted great.
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Have You Eaten a Cashew Fruit?

Kasoy, Mani, Nilagang Itlog, kendi, Mais… If you are a regular traveler on the busy highways of Manila, you might have grown accustomed to people selling these inside the bus or on the sidewalk. Pinoy’s life won’t be complete without these snacks, I guess. But what I love the most among these goodies is the roasted cashew nuts, or Kasoy. I used to think that only the nut of the Cashew is edible, but on my visit to Antipolo, I get to taste not only the nuts but also the “apple” of this lovely fruit.

Antiplo City celebrated the Ang Tipulo Festival this May showcasing their culture and major local harvest – Suman, Mangga, and Kasoy. As my way of joining their celebration, I planned to eat these delicacies but only chanced upon Suman and Kasoy.

After eating a handful of Suman, we went looking for cashew. At first, I just wished to buy the usual roasted cashew nuts but something else captured my fancy. When I saw an old lady selling fresh cashew fruits, I immediately dragged my partner and asked him to buy me half a kilo of this fruit. The vendors even taught us how to eat it, “hatiin nyo lang po tapos lagyan nyo ng asin tapos pwede nyo ng kainin…”

It’s juicy like pineapple, crisp like apple, sweet like ripe mango but just when you thought it’s kind of okay, there will come an aftertaste that makes everything else weird. Lol! I was really thrilled to finally eat cashew no matter how weird it tastes. I had the same reaction when I first tasted Durian – it was okay, but definitely not my thing.

Kasoy or Cashew (Anacardium Occidentale) seems to originate in Northern Brazil but can also be found in tropical countries like ours. I’ve also read that there are places like Palawan where people love cashew fruits and put it as ingredients to some of their dishes.  In Latin America, they use it as a fruit drink by squeezing the juice out of the cashew apple. The popular cashew nuts is prepared by getting the “nuts” from hundreds of cashew fruits then roasted so you can enjoy a handful of it. No wonder why it’s so expensive!

I don’t really consider myself as adventurous when it comes to food but I still enjoy experiences like this when I can get to eat the things I just see or read somewhere. And as someone who grew up in Antipolo, I’m really proud to know that finest cashews can be found here along with many other things this city has to offer.

Truly, the Philippines is a great place not only for travel, but also for the different food exploration. Drop by again for my other food adventures and misadventures. How about you? Have you eaten a cashew fruit?

Beat the Heat with Kingkong’s Revenge!

It’s a beautiful Sunday once again! And tonight was made even more wonderful because I’ve got to watch the Avengers with the guys. We really had a good laugh while watching The Hulk  smash Loki like a boss and I couldn’t help but smile at the witty dialogues thrown throughout the movie. But what’s the best thing to do after watching a 142 minutes of fantastic action movie? Eat a fabulous dinner. Definitely. So after giving it much thought, our hungry tummy lead us to Icebergs in Mall of Asia Seaside for some quick dinner and ICE CREAM! 😀

I’ve been to Icebergs a couple of times before but it’s my first time to try their other dishes tonight. And because we’d like to have a light dinner, we ordered three of their pasta dishes. Cheesy Beef Lasagna for boyfriend, Baked Penne for big brother and Hungarian Sausage and Mushroom Carbonara for me! Although Icebergs is known for their different ice cream treat, I must say their other dishes are awesome too!

My carbonara came fresh from the oven, 15 minutes after we put our order. Their carbonara is really creamy and thick and it is perfect when paired with the garlic bread. My brother commented though, that once the carbonara turned cold, it became blunt and unpleasant to taste. The hungarian sausage and the mushroom made up for the little lapses though, so I ended up enjoying my food nonetheless.

The Cheesy beef lasagna is just okay. Nothing much to say. I’m not sure if it tastes much better than Greenwich lasagna but at least Icebergs’ cheesy beef lasagna comes in bigger serving.



The Baked Penne has that salty taste according to my brother. But one thing interesting in their baked Penne is the Feta cheese – a cheese made from sheep or goat’s milk that that has a little sweet and sour taste. It gave a delicious twist to the Baked Penne and made it even tastier.


After a satisfying meal came the star of the night – Kingkong’s Revenge! It’s 5 scoops of different flavors of ice cream, mixed with fruits like pineapple and banana, topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips and chunks of brownies! Yuuummmmy!

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Chef Hasset Go Bloggers Night!

Photo by Dessert Strip. Poster by Gian Pisuena.

Chef Hasset Go Bloggers Night: The Il Mercanti Experience is to be held at Il Mercanti Food Bazaar (Metrowalk) on May 5, 2012 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

This event is strictly for bloggers only who are committed to submit a post-event article about the event on or before May 12, 2012.

To sign up, please visit this link.

Spread the good news! 😀

5th Annual Big Mouth Burger Day at Chili’s!

On its 5th Annual Big Burger Day last April 24, Chili’s Restaurant was able to serve 5,500 Big Mouth Burgers specially made and served to thousands of burger lovers in different parts of the metro! Awesome isn’t it?

It was already almost 11pm when we were able to get our seats at Chili’s Restaurant in Greenbelt 5. Good thing my partner and I was able to survive two hours of queuing and waiting along with others who were really craving to taste Chili’s famous Big Mouth Burger.

We came in around 9pm but the bunch of people waiting outside the resto was already innumerable! Kudos to the staffs and crews of Chili’s for being so patient and for being able to keep the crowd satisfied and happy all throughout the day.

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Jollibee Chocolate Float: A Sure Win Alternative for Coke Float!

After an overwhelming lunch, my officemates and I passed by Jollibee along Paseo De Roxas and decided to grab a cup of Jollibee’s Choco Float. And lo and behold, it’s REALLY chocolaty! And as chocoholic as I am, I found it as an awesome after lunch treat.

For just P40 you can get a taste of Jollibee’s latest offering this summer! It’s made of ice cold chocolate drink topped with sundae, and choco hot fudge. This is surely something to tickle your taste buds if you’re looking for something to replace your love for Coke Float.

After a few sip, I began to be overwhelmed by the sweetness and bitterness of the Jollibee Chocofloat. The big difference about coke float and chocofloat is that the former will make you want for more, the latter will, uhhhmm, make you want to gulp down a liter of water. If you know what I mean.

On our way back to the office, we had to walk our way to the bus loading area. I was really thankful to have something to drink while walking in the middle of the scorching sun. It was freaking 36.2 degrees in the metro today and Jollibee Choco Float is definitely a big help to at least beat the heat!

If you’ve already tried Jollibee’s Choco Float, please share your experience at the comment section. And if you were also able to taste the other flavor, Coffee Float, maybe you can also tell me why I should also love this treat! 🙂

Dinner Buffet and Cultural Show at Barbara’s Restaurant

Intramuros in Manila is a home for many scenic and historical spots. A whole day won’t be really enough to fully enjoy this place, but just in case you ran out of idea on what to do in Intramuros, why not try to dine and watch a cultural show at Barbara’s?

Last year my brother gave me two vouchers for this deal which entitled us a Buffet Dinner and Cultural Show which he paid for only P250 each. He encouraged me to make a write up about it afterward as a part of my blog. But because of my busy sked, I was only able to redeem it last February 6 and I couldn’t be more thankful that I did find time to visit Barbara’s.

I called two weeks prior to our desired date to make sure that there will be an allotted seat for us on what my friend and I considered to be our Pre-Valentines date. But when we arrived at Barbara’s, the restaurant was almost full and the staff asked us to share a table with another couple just to have a seat. I was a little pissed and embarrassed about that incident but I didn’t let it ruin the night.

The buffet dinner was great, especially the Beef Caldereta and Chicken Pesto. To my delight, they also offer a wide selection of great desserts like Braso Dela Merced and chocolate balls with candy sprinkles. There’s also sesame seeds coated banana or something like that, along with other Filipino desserts on the table. There’s no drinks included in the buffet but the staffs were prompt to refill our glasses of water. Just in case you want to have fruit juices or iced tea for drinks, you have to pay for it separately.

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