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Kite Flying Afternoon at Quirino Grandstand

I always dreamed of flying a kite when I was kid. I even dreamed of becoming a part or at least watching the kite flying festival sponsored by Bearbrand back in the 90s to no avail. Days passed by and we’re all grown up but I still wasn’t able to fly my kite. Few months before I turn 23, I was finally able to wind the thread and watch my kite glide the windy, late afternoon sky of Quirino Grandstand.

Who wouldn’t love these colorful stuffs, sometimes shaped as butterflies, bats or eagles, as they fly beautifully in the middle of blue sky. It’s just nice to see it flying high while being threaded by a kid’s skillful hands. Boys would fondly brag to one another about their kite flying skills and their enormous kites but girls like me before could only watch them play their thing.

Before the digital age, children fill their childhood memories with experiences like these. There used to be a lot of green fields and grasslands where children can run and laugh together as they discover how to emerge as the mightiest of them kite fliers. But today, I wonder if the children in my neighborhood still know how kite works, or if their dads taught them how to fly one during his weekend off.


There used to be a lot of families who gather around Quirino Grandstand for a kite flying session with the kids. The afternoon sky near the Rizal Park was often dotted with colorful kites. But last Thursday, my kite was flying alone and my laughter was the only thing that disturbed the stillness of Quirino Grandstand. My partner and I bought a small kite from the vendor within the area and he gave us an orange colored kite with 40 or so meters of thread. It’s almost sun set so we hurried and took our place in the middle of the field.



The strong wind blew and the kite went higher and higher. It was really hilarious every time the kite seemed to fall down and I didn’t know what to do. As kite genius as he was, my partner taught me some of the tricks on how to thread the kite. “Pag babagsak na, takbo ka papalapit, irelease mo ng konti tapos pag umaakyat na, hilahin mo ulet!” Yeah, that seemed a little vague but it actually worked.


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Paradizoo Theme Farm: More than a zoo, less than a paradise

Just two hours away from the busy streets of Manila lies a place where humans can interact with different farm animals, drink fresh goat milk, and walk in the middle of a beautiful garden filled with gorgeous flowers and butterflies. Paired with perfect summer sun and Tagaytay breeze, Paradizoo Theme farm is a place to reunite with nature and reconnect with that child in you.

Upon entering Paradizoo, we were greeted by their friendly staff who gave us a short introduction of what we’re about to experience inside the theme zoo. After paying the entrance fee of P299 each, we immediately began to explore the 7 hectares zoo and enjoyed different activities that made our tour really unforgettable.

First stop was the bird feeding station. It’s just crazy when the birds started flocking around us and crazily pecked on tiny seeds on our palm. I really love their shiny feathers and their tiny chirping voice but the sad part is, when you don’t have any seed on your palm anymore, they will start to ignore you and they’ll continue with their busy bird life. LOL. They’re just so cute!

Not too far from the bird’s cage was the home of the rabbits! We were given a basket of Pechay for the rabbits and as if expecting to be fed, they gathered around us and waited for a bunch of pechays to munch on. One of the cute little fella was very aggressive that he even chased the other rabbits to get as much food as he wants!

We walked some more and saw Camel, Horses, and deers. There were different trivia about the animals scattered in different parts of the zoo. Read those and memorize at least one so you can share it with your friends when you’re back from the jungle.

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An Intimate Encounter with Butterflies at Paradizoo Butterfly Garden

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all at Paradizoo Theme Park, we entered a little place that taught me a lot of things about butterflies and made me appreciate this little winged creature more. With the help of the owner and the staff of the Butterfly Garden, me and my partner had a little review of the things we learned during our elementary science class and had the most intimate encounter with this wonderful winged insect.

Upon entering the garden, I was immediately overwhelmed by the number of flying butterflies and their artistically colored wings. The crew later said that it’s more plentiful during other season but for me, it’s the most number of butterflies I have encountered in my whole life yet.

After some time, Sir Arbee, the owner of the Butterfly and Bee Garden approached us and started to share bits of information about Mariposa. He crushed a little flower to attract a butterfly to rest on his finger and encouraged us to do just that. After some time, my boyfriend and I also did the same thing and were very thrilled to have a beautiful butterfly right on our fingertips.

The owner said that there was a belief that you can utter a wish to a butterfly and will deliver it to the great heavens. The promises of love, life, and prosperity of butterflies have brought people to believe in their mystical power to grant a wish. So while the butterfly is busy sipping the juice of the flower on my finger, I uttered a wish then set the butterfly free again. What a pretty sight. 🙂

We also noticed a mating butterfly somewhere inside the garden. The staff said that it took the butterflies 48 hours of being connected with each other for them to finish their intercourse.

After few days, the female butterfly will look for a specific type of plant where she can lay her eggs. These eggs will later turn into caterpillar and will eat all the leaves he could muster until he can reach his desired age and size. He will then cover himself up and go into a hiatus inside a pupa until he’s ready to come out as an adult butterfly.

Once a butterfly was able to lay her eggs, she will later reach the final stage of her life cycle and die with her wings beautifully outstretched. They sometimes frame the dead butterflies and sell it as a souvenir or put it as a display.
Sir Arbee finished a bachelor degree in Entomology and is a bee farmer for almost 30 years. He is now busy teaching and supporting other bee farmers around the country. His passion and knowledge in Butterflies and Bees is really noteworthy, and it’s just amazing how he turns his passion into something that can really bless the world.

Raising and conserving butterflies takes a lot of patience and diligence but through experience and research, the owner of the Butterfly Garden in Paradizoo Theme Farm was able to create a haven for butterflies where kids and kids at heart can enjoy this intimate encounter.

Do you also love butterflies? Come and share your thoughts and trivia at the comment box!

Live life to the fullest!

Dinner Buffet and Cultural Show at Barbara’s Restaurant

Intramuros in Manila is a home for many scenic and historical spots. A whole day won’t be really enough to fully enjoy this place, but just in case you ran out of idea on what to do in Intramuros, why not try to dine and watch a cultural show at Barbara’s?

Last year my brother gave me two vouchers for this deal which entitled us a Buffet Dinner and Cultural Show which he paid for only P250 each. He encouraged me to make a write up about it afterward as a part of my blog. But because of my busy sked, I was only able to redeem it last February 6 and I couldn’t be more thankful that I did find time to visit Barbara’s.

I called two weeks prior to our desired date to make sure that there will be an allotted seat for us on what my friend and I considered to be our Pre-Valentines date. But when we arrived at Barbara’s, the restaurant was almost full and the staff asked us to share a table with another couple just to have a seat. I was a little pissed and embarrassed about that incident but I didn’t let it ruin the night.

The buffet dinner was great, especially the Beef Caldereta and Chicken Pesto. To my delight, they also offer a wide selection of great desserts like Braso Dela Merced and chocolate balls with candy sprinkles. There’s also sesame seeds coated banana or something like that, along with other Filipino desserts on the table. There’s no drinks included in the buffet but the staffs were prompt to refill our glasses of water. Just in case you want to have fruit juices or iced tea for drinks, you have to pay for it separately.

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