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The Arcade Man

I met someone interesting today. I’m not sure about his name but I want to call him The Arcade Man. I know that sounds like a character in Marvel series next to Iron Man and Spider Man but he’s nothing like that. So what made him interesting? Let me tell you the story. 🙂

My girlfriends and I met at the Mall of Asia for a quick and unplanned date. Since we are all broke, we just made the most out our time by enjoying cheap thrills like eating on a fast food chain and going to the arcade. And because we were really broke, we can only afford the most exciting and thrilling game of them all. The Piso Game!

So we laughed our hearts out and played with Lady Luck while losing maybe P20 or P30 worth of one peso coin. We don’t really expect for anything big so we just enjoyed the mishaps and in the end, the 60 pieces tickets which we exchanged for 3 Wiggles and 3 small pack of Nips. We were already thrilled with this experience but the Arcade Man came and I couldn’t help but be amazed by how he downed more than 200 pieces of one peso coin into that gaming machine!

For those who do not have an idea of how the Piso Game is played, all you have to do is to put one peso coin on the slot and wait for the coin to drop on the hole and viola! You can have good numbers of ticket which you can exchange for some goodies at the counter. These items can range from candies, chocolates, cute school supplies, stuffed toys and if you happen to collect a thousands points you can redeem it for Rice Cookers, Electric Juicer, Turbo broiler or Flat Iron! Amazing isn’t it.


I used to think that those big items are only for display and it’s only used to lure customers into wasting more money but lo and behold. The Arcade Man already got 5 rice cookers from the arcade and is aiming to get the Turbo Broiler which he can get for 1350 points!

While having our casual conversation, he let me see the points in his card by swiping it on the machine on the counter and brag about his 9300 points. But wait there’s more! His other card for other gaming station has 120,000 points!

Yeah, maybe I know what you are thinking. How on earth was he able to get that much points!? Oh well. He confessed on being on that arcade every night, playing that same piso game that even the maintenance crew of that establishment already know him by name.


Aside from the tickets, the Piso Game Machine also gives out special prizes like watch or a snacks. The Arcade Man said he already got too many watches on his home that he didn’t know what to get anymore! When I asked about what he usually do with his winnings he said he usually store it at home without actually using it. Hmmm… I should have used my charm and asked for one of his watches! Lol!

My girlfriends and I though to ourselves that maybe he is already retired and doesn’t have anything left to do. My other best friend even commented that if he’s really rich, he surely can afford to buy anything instead of playing at the arcade to get it. I don’t really know what this old man is up to, maybe he’s just doing it for the thrill, or for recreation purposes, but I still can’t imagine how much money he already lost because of his favorite past time.




Growing up, my family discouraged all sorts of gambling, even the simplest card games. But this man was really exceptional. It’s just nice to meet different people from time to time and enjoy their crazy stories. How about you? Do you also love playing in the arcade? Are you an average gamer? Or maybe you can even beat The Arcade Man! Share me your story! 🙂