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Jollibee Chocolate Float: A Sure Win Alternative for Coke Float!

After an overwhelming lunch, my officemates and I passed by Jollibee along Paseo De Roxas and decided to grab a cup of Jollibee’s Choco Float. And lo and behold, it’s REALLY chocolaty! And as chocoholic as I am, I found it as an awesome after lunch treat.

For just P40 you can get a taste of Jollibee’s latest offering this summer! It’s made of ice cold chocolate drink topped with sundae, and choco hot fudge. This is surely something to tickle your taste buds if you’re looking for something to replace your love for Coke Float.

After a few sip, I began to be overwhelmed by the sweetness and bitterness of the Jollibee Chocofloat. The big difference about coke float and chocofloat is that the former will make you want for more, the latter will, uhhhmm, make you want to gulp down a liter of water. If you know what I mean.

On our way back to the office, we had to walk our way to the bus loading area. I was really thankful to have something to drink while walking in the middle of the scorching sun. It was freaking 36.2 degrees in the metro today and Jollibee Choco Float is definitely a big help to at least beat the heat!

If you’ve already tried Jollibee’s Choco Float, please share your experience at the comment section. And if you were also able to taste the other flavor, Coffee Float, maybe you can also tell me why I should also love this treat! 🙂