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Multiply is Closing: Saying goodbye to my first love

On December 1, 2012, Multiply will be closing their free blog and social networking services to give way to their expansion as an e-commerce site. In a statement posted on the landing page of Multiply, their CEO Stefan Magdalinski apologized for the inconvenience of having to close down their social networking services. On his statement, he said that they will be deleting the photos, videos, blogs and other stuffs in Multiply to give a better place for online sellers in the Philippines and in Indonesia. At the end of his post he said that they will post a direction on how to download your content or to import it to other websites. Otherwise, all of your contents will be deleted by December.


In May 2011, another popular networking site, Friendster, closed down and became a place for different online games. With the rise of Facebook as the major social networking platform used by millions of subscribers, it’s not really surprising that some website will not be able to cope with the competition. In the past two years, Multiply has become one of the most trusted online shops in the Philippines and became a home for different small to medium online enterprises while losing its social network side.


Although I understand that this is a business strategy of the people from Multiply and they need to do it in order to survive, I still feel quite disappointed when I heard this news. Multiply is my first love. The place for my innermost thoughts shared with my closest friends and online buddies. It’s also the first website where I learned how to write and consistently post blogs. Even after I started writing on public blogs through Blogspot and here in WordPress, I still keep my Multiply account to keep track of the amazing personal experiences I had for the past three years.


Somehow, I’m just happy that Multiply provided a place for my thoughts when I needed it most. College days were pretty tough back then, but despite the deadlines and hectic schedule, I still loved to stop and post my stories before heading out my way. It has been a ritual for me and for my classmates before. It’s just fun to look back at how we had fun through the photos and videos we posted there. And now that it’s about to close, I just can’t help but feel a little nostalgic about it. Like what one of my friend posted, transferring documents and memories is really nightmarish.

While I’m figuring out a way on how to back up my files, especially my blogs, I just want to take the time to back read my posts and my friends’ comments before it will be deleted on December. I still can somehow remember my regret because of my failure to back up my files from Friendster before it shut down and I hope it won’t happen again this time. I will surely miss my multiply account but I also sincerely wish the best for Multiply.

Thank you for almost three years of being my friend. And thank you for the eight years of awesome service to people from the Philippines and Indonesia. I will definitely watch out for your relaunch this December!