5th Annual Big Mouth Burger Day at Chili’s!

On its 5th Annual Big Burger Day last April 24, Chili’s Restaurant was able to serve 5,500 Big Mouth Burgers specially made and served to thousands of burger lovers in different parts of the metro! Awesome isn’t it?

It was already almost 11pm when we were able to get our seats at Chili’s Restaurant in Greenbelt 5. Good thing my partner and I was able to survive two hours of queuing and waiting along with others who were really craving to taste Chili’s famous Big Mouth Burger.

We came in around 9pm but the bunch of people waiting outside the resto was already innumerable! Kudos to the staffs and crews of Chili’s for being so patient and for being able to keep the crowd satisfied and happy all throughout the day.

Our patience was rewarded with heavenly big Bacon Burger and BBQ Ranch for only P120 each. We ordered a bottomless iced tea to gulp down this very tasty treat. The best thing about the BBQ Ranch, according to my partner was the authentic smokey taste plus the unique BBQ sauce.

What I like about my Bacon Burger is of course, the Bacon! LOL! I just really love the sweet taste of the bacon and how it complemented the taste of the burger patty, but there’s an awkward spicy sauce that made it taste a little weird. Overall, the taste and the size of the burger was worth it, even at the regular price of P385 for every Big Mouth Burger Meal.

We went home definitely full and satisfied that night and I bet those 5,500 people who joined the 5th Annual Big Mouth Burger Day felt the same way too!

Show me some love and share your Chili’s experience at the comment box!


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  1. Now I want to go back to Chili’s. If only it wasn’t so expensive. 🙂 Nice meeting you in Cafe Publico! 🙂

    • Hey! Nice meeting you and Miss Sumi too! I really enjoyed my first Eat’s a Date event. Looking forward to meeting you again soon, and thank you for dropping by here. 🙂

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